Unlocking Your Authentic Voice with Beverly Oden

This podcast and the concept of unlocking the club means so much to me! I get to speak to extraordinary people who share their journeys. In this episode, my guest is bringing all the aces and she knows plenty about them…volleyball aces that is. Please welcome to the podcast, Beverly Oden, one of my best friends who will be joining me as a cohost periodically! For those who do not know Beverly Oden, she is very humble but worthy of a great brag. Beverly not only was a middle blocker for the US women’s volleyball team in the 1996 Summer Olympics, she is also a counselor, entrepreneur, author, journalist, and producer of Beyond the Glory. Beverly also played a pivotal part in creating The Oden Commission, which holds discussion of racial profiling between residents and law enforcement in Orange County, California. Oh…and she is followed by THE PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA ON TWITTER! I’m just saying!

I invite you to join our conversation as Beverly and I discuss:

  • Releasing control

  • Burnout in career

  • “Did it anyway”

  • Sports Illustrated

  • long form writing

  • Women in Sports

  • Representation matters

  • Intersectionality

  • Showing up

  • Being in integrity

  • Challenges in working in white male dominated fields

  • Code switching

  • Changing the rules

  • Club Adjacent

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This podcast is hosted by Angela Taylor. Angela Taylor is an equity & inclusion strategist, executive coach, motivational speaker, podcaster, TV Analyst and entrepreneur! She is the co-founder of The DIGNITAS Agency, Principal of Tindall Avenue Coaching and Owner & Chief Indulge Officer of Indulge Boise which is a culinary and cultural experience brand that is the #1 Rated Food Tour in Boise.


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