Unlocking Social Capital in Corporate America

Have you been told encouraged to “lean in” or “work twice as hard,” but you’re still not seeing the results you want? In this episode, Amelia Hardy and I are here to encourage you and show you that the glass cliff is ready to be shattered.  In today’s conversation, I am finding out how Amelia is changing the narrative of business within a Fortune 100 company.  From prioritizing herself, her family, and leaning into meaningful relationships in business, we cover a wide spectrum of how she stays on top of her field and still balances her life within today’s ever-changing world of business equality.
Amelia Hardy is the Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer at Best Buy. Amelia has over 20 years of strategic and leadership roles at fortune 100 companies. Her career experience includes marketing strategy, brand management, business development, and product commercialization. She is significantly involved within the community and currently serves on multiple national and community boards, including the Boys and Girls Club of the Twin Cities, the Cowles Center, and Minnesota Community Care.
I invite you to join our conversation as we discuss:
1.      George Floyd
2.      Self-Compassion
3.      Compartmentalize Compartmentalization
4.      Diversity and Equity Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
5.     Using your voice
6.      Relationships
7.     Network
8.     James Baldwin
9.      Corporate Social Responsibility
10.   Inclusive Leadership
11.   Advocate for Change
12.   Glass Cliff
13.   Meritocracy
14. Work/Life Integration
Honorable Mentions
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This podcast is hosted by Angela Taylor. Angela Taylor is an equity & inclusion strategist, executive coach, motivational speaker, podcaster, TV Analyst and entrepreneur! She is the co-founder of The DIGNITAS Agency, Principal of Tindall Avenue Coaching and Owner & Chief Indulge Officer of Indulge Boise which is a culinary and cultural experience brand that is the #1 Rated Food Tour in Boise.
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