Unlocking Our Ancestors’ Dreams with Felicia Hall Allen

This life’s journey is not done alone. The people that we spend time with, help us evolve into the humans we are today. No one shares that feeling of community more eloquently than Felicia Hall Allen. From her grandparents on, she comes from a line of women who believe in elevating others and dreams. They did that (and more) for Felicia. She carries that energy, those prayers and that love with her into everything that she does.
With the ability to speak words and then own them, she has a way of making dreams come true. From being a former manager for Nike’s Women’s Basketball Sports Marketing Department to owning her own company that provides sports management, team building, motivational speaking and consulting and training, Felicia owns each space she finds herself in!
I invite you to join our conversation as we discuss:
  • Play to Win
  • Spirituality
  • Showing Up
  • Nurturing Dreams
  • Thriving
  • Debbie Antonelli
  • Legacy
  • Dawn Staley
  • Memories
  • Why
  • Perceived Power
Honorable Mentions
Comin’ from Where I’m from by Anthony Hamilton
She Wins, You Win by Gloria Evans
No Charge by Shirley Caesar
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