Angela Taylor – Media Kit

Angela Taylor is an equity & inclusion strategist, executive coach, motivational speaker, podcaster, TV Analyst and entrepreneur! She is the co-founder of The DIGNITAS Agency, Principal of Tindall Avenue Coaching and Owner & Chief Indulge Officer of Indulge Boise which is a culinary and cultural experience brand that is the #1 Rated Food Tour in Boise.

Angela is a caretaker of people, ideas and stories. Everything does as an executive coach and leadership practitioner is aimed at nurturing her clients, their ideas and their stories in an effort to help them live a life of impact and joy.

Angela is the host of “Unlocking the Club” a podcast where Black women can reclaim their space, share their stories and unlock their truth while allies are invited to listen deeply to our stories.

Angela was a member of the Stanford Women’s Basketball 1990 NCAA Championship Team and a Team Captain on the 1992 NCAA Championship Team. She is also a Certified Food Tour Guide, founded a culinary experience company (Indulge Boise Food Tours) in 2016, and is a beginning golfer.

We have received so much positive feedback about the morning discussion. You really have a gift! Watching you carry on a conversation and drawing connections between stories, bringing in audience questions, making sure everyone has space, it was really beautiful to watch.

Possible Episode Headlines:

  • Unlocking Your Podcasting Superpower
  • The Power of a Pause
  • Culinary Connections: The Power of Eating Together
  • Empowered Women: Unleashing the Power + Possibilities
  • Being the MVT (Most Valuable Teammate)
  • Bringing Sunshine
  • From Risk Averse to Risk Taker
  • Leading with Impact
  • Empower Yourself…Empower a Community

Personal Social:

Unlocking the Club Social: Heading Text Here

Indulge Boise Social: Heading Text Here

Suggested Interview Questions:

  1. What are the keys to leading transformational change?
  2. How do you build a “championship” culture?
  3. How do you develop your authentic leadership style?
  4. How do you successfully navigate the corporate marketplace inside a marginalized identity?
  5. What leadership & life lessons have you learned through failure?
  6. How does having a growth mindset impact your entrepreneurial journey?
  7. How do you turn your side hustle or passion project into a seven figure business?

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