Welcome to Unlocking the Club

Hey there! Welcome to the first taste of the Unlocking the Club podcast! This is the show in which Angela Taylor will be exploring the nuance and complexity experienced by Black women in their efforts to successfully navigate the systems and structures found in Corporate America and beyond with special attention to the unwritten rules that determine whether or not you are welcome into the club. You can expect to hear interviews with a multitude of intriguing guests from a myriad of backgrounds (CEOs, thought leaders, elite athletes, politicians, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and more), all with interesting stories to share, unique journeys to reminisce about, and invaluable insights about clubs that need to be unlocked.

We hope that as a result of the candor and truth shared during each of these conversations, listeners will find ways to reclaim their space, share their story and unlock their own truth so that we build more equitable clubs while discovering the spaces in which we truly want to belong. This will be a journey that is both cathartic and energizing. Thank you for tuning in…we look forward to continuing the conversation with you right here for our first full episode with an amazing guest.

Key Points from this Episode:

•The vision for unlocking the club to create a space for Black women to share their full selves

The types of conversations we will have with guests about the systems and structures that marginalize Black women

•The “experience” we hope both our guests and our listeners will have as a result of these conversations

•The reality that the intentionality behind this decision is for the messages to also resonate with those in other identities and an opportunity for true allies to show up for Black women

•The inspiration behind Angela unlocking the concept for the show


This podcast is hosted by Angela Taylor. Angela Taylor is an equity & inclusion strategist, executive coach, motivational speaker, podcaster, TV analyst and entrepreneur! She is the co-founder of The DIGNITAS Agency, Principal of Tindall Avenue Coaching and Owner & Chief Indulge Officer of Indulge Boise which is a culinary and cultural experience brand that is the #1 Rated Food Tour in Boise.


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