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Where Black women reclaim their power by sharing their stories & unlocking their truth and allies are invited to listen deeply. A space where we share inside stories about our outside moments.


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The Unlocking the Club Podcast offers fascinating and soulful conversations with a variety of guests with unique perspectives and stories. These inside stories about our guests’ outside moments will be available to listeners and viewers all around the world. Listen to new Unlocking the Club episodes on Wednesdays anywhere you get your podcasts! Let’s work together to Unlock the Club.

Unlocking Sisterhood & Entrepreneurship with Beverly Oden and Mia Jackson

There is something magical when Black women come together in sisterhood. True Sisters can talk in every way possible. From sharing wins to being transparent through the hard times, there is NOTHING like your Sister friends. In this episode, I am in...

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Unlocking Uterine Care with Teresa Edwards & Dr. John Lipman

The key to unlocking a club isn't just trying to get into someplace where others like you have not been allowed. It can also mean getting some THING that others like you have not previously received. In this case, adequate reproductive care. In this...

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Unlocking the Judiciary System with Monica F. Wiley

At the time of this episode dropping, being a woman of color has me at strife with our current judicial system. Between the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the killing of another unarmed brother by a police department, the news can feel unbearable....

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Meet Your Host
Angela Taylor

Angela Taylor is an equity & inclusion strategist, executive coach, motivational speaker, podcaster, TV Analyst, entrepreneur, and Host of the Unlocking the Club podcast whose mission is to help leaders and organizations reach their full potential. She asks the question – “What needs to be in place for impact & excellence” – then aligns interests and arranges people, processes, and systems to design for success.

Angela is a caretaker of people, ideas and stories. Everything does as an executive coach and leadership practitioner is aimed at nurturing her clients, their ideas and their stories in an effort to help them live a life of impact and joy.

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Black woman holding out a map while looking around.

Putting Soul Back into Veganism: Reflections on Health, Travel, and Living Your Purpose

Eating vegan gelato while people-watching near the Trevi Fountain in Rome—sounds pretty idyllic, doesn’t it? But traveling and eating tasty vegan treats is part of a bigger story in Nicole Ellis’ life. She shared her lessons from a health scare, how to be your authentic self, and what travel taught her on episode 26 of Unlocking the Club podcast. Here are some takeaways from our conversation.

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Parent and child walking, holding hands, on a beach

The Value of a Father: Reflections on Parenting and Making Space for All Emotions

National Play With Dad Day is on November 25. It’s a time to celebrate fathers and move the needle to normalize their active role in home life and as primary caregivers. To discuss his experience as a first-time father and all the dueling emotions that come with it, we talked to Edward Kim on episode 25 of Unlocking the Club podcast—here are the takeaways.

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Close up image of two people holding hands

Grief is Love: Navigating and Embracing Life After Losing Your Loved One

Most of us will experience deep grief and loss in our lifetimes. But we live in a culture that’s grief-averse, where we expect people just to move on. However, there is life and love to be had after grief, and the way to get there is to experience it and process your emotions. Marisa Renee Lee shares how to do just this on episode 24 of the Unlocking the Club podcast.

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