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Where Black women reclaim their power by sharing their stories & unlocking their truth and allies are invited to listen deeply. A space where we share inside stories about our outside moments.


Our Episodes

The Unlocking the Club Podcast offers fascinating and soulful conversations with a variety of guests with unique perspectives and stories. These inside stories about our guests’ outside moments will be available to listeners and viewers all around the world. Listen to new Unlocking the Club episodes on Wednesdays anywhere you get your podcasts! Let’s work together to Unlock the Club.

Unlocking Empowerment Through Style with Solita C. Roberts

Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Youtube If you are trying to live a life that you envisioned, there is...

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Unlocking Being “The Only” with Nikole Collins Puri

Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Youtube Black people are lazy. Black people don’t have anything to bring to the...

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Unlocking Ease in Creative Productivity with Melissa Haughton

Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Youtube We are coming right off of the tail end of Thanksgiving. When you...

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Meet Your Host
Angela Taylor

Angela Taylor is an equity & inclusion strategist, executive coach, motivational speaker, podcaster, TV Analyst, entrepreneur, and Host of the Unlocking the Club podcast whose mission is to help leaders and organizations reach their full potential. She asks the question – “What needs to be in place for impact & excellence” – then aligns interests and arranges people, processes, and systems to design for success.

Angela is a caretaker of people, ideas and stories. Everything does as an executive coach and leadership practitioner is aimed at nurturing her clients, their ideas and their stories in an effort to help them live a life of impact and joy.

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